.UK Top Level Domain name coming soon, do I have to do anything?

On 10th June 2014  there will be a new Top Level Domain name (TLD)  .uk . You may have seen many domain registrars urging you to pre register a .uk domain.

What do you have to do?

Up to 5 years – if you own a .co.uk, which has been registered before 28th October 2013. You have up to 5 years to claim the .uk.

Take action now - if you’ve registered your .co.uk today (or after 28th..

How to set up an Auto Reply or Out of the Office message with Usermin

Usermin is the interface we provide for managing email directly on the server.  There a couple of things that work well if done on the server, such as setting auto replies, this is because your PC or Laptop don’t need to be switched on to be able to send an automated email.

The two most common forms of auto replies people use are

a generic, thank you for your message we will get back to you shortly an out..

Adding code to WordPress widgets.

Only certain levels of user can add complex code to their site, if you are at that level then it is relatively simple to add code snippets to your WordPress website by using the Text widget. (for our clients we recommend they talk to us before adding extra code ). Each WordPress theme should have one or more sidebars defined, and each of these sidebars can be used to contain multiple widgets.

A common request is to add some custom..

WordPress Custom Menus – Adding a top level menu item

WordPress moved from a blogging platform to a CMS and website building tool when it released its custom menu feature back in June 2010 with WordPress 3.0.

Custom menus give easy control over the structure of page menus.  Over the releases since 3.0 WordPress have improved the usability of the Custom Menu administration screen, found in Appearances>Menus.

Whilst being easy to use in many ways with drag and drop positioning, there are one or two tricks that are not obvious.


WordPress 3.8 update

If you are currently subscribing to our on going maintenance and support plan, you may notice that the admin area of your website has had a bit of a refresh.

WordPress has recently released version 3.8 and after lots of testing from us, we have now updated all supported websites, you can watch the official video below:

Key updates:

Modern Design

WordPress needed a bit of a facelift, the grey gradients and dull..

WordPress 3.8 Admin Colour Selection

WordPress 3.8 brings a new styled administration backend. Making it responsive and with a selection of 6 colour schemes. The previous version only had two colors, blue or grey.

Users can easily select or change which colour scheme they want by going to their user profile and making the change.

Regular WordPress users can stop reading here, however if you are a WordPress developer looking for a way to set the default scheme to match your own..

WordPress Blogging tips – issues with layout & format

As part of the support we provide our clients we get a vast array of questions relating to WordPress, but there is one that keep cropping up which if you don’t know how to resolve can be very frustrating, so we thought we’d write a few words explaining how to fix it.

If you find that the bullet points are out of alignment you can’t get any breaks in between your paragraphs & that you cut and pasted from a word..

Setting up Thunderbird Mail client for llocally mail servers

Thunderbird is an excellent and free mail client, from the producers of FireFox web browser, that runs on PC and Mac desktops and laptops.

To set up your llocally email account is straight forward.

Step 1.

The first time you open Thunderbird after installing, you are prompted to create a profile. Next you will be asked about creating an email account or using an existing one. Another way to add a new account is to click on an existing account name..

Local SEO tips: How fast is your website?

One key element, which often overlooked, that should be investigated as part of your search engine optimisation strategy and whether Google likes your website enough to put it to the top of their listings is how fast your website performs.

Hosting provider

When we speak to clients, we describe hosting as the engine that runs the website. The engine (servers) need to be looked after, maintained and made sure they are running efficiently – this is what we do behind the..

Local SEO tips: Title tags

Title tags – what are they all about?!

Utilising title tags is a technique used under the umbrella of Search Engine Optimisation.

The best way to think of title tags is as an index in a book; the reader is looking for a specific topic, let’s say, tracking SEO results, the book index shows the page number then the reader flicks to the page and finds the necessary information, common sense, title tags work in the same kind of concept..