How to get a MapQuest API AppKey for Get Directions

The llocally map plugin Get Directions require a MapQuest API AppKey.

There is no cost relating to getting the API AppKey, process is just a matter of signing in to MapQuest and requesting a key.

To show you how to do this we have created a short video demonstrating how simple it is the get a MapQuest API AppKey, click on the image below to watch the video.

The responsive map plugin is available here

This WordPress MapQuest Get Directions plugin can give you driving directions to your place of business.  Additional feature include operating radius map.  It works both as a map widget and WordPress shortcodes.


  1. Is there another step for having the map show up? I have done as you said, but no map shows up :( could it be my Map Quest key isn’t yet completely set up yet

    • If you correctly set up the key, did you add it to the get directions settings page in wordpress admin?
      i.e. followed step 3 here

      If you have and it still is not working, check you have copied and pasted the API correctly (no extra spaces / no missing character from teh start – end)

      If it still doesn’t work can you send me the URL of the page where it is not working (I will ba able to see if there are any other plugin conflicts etc) via the contact form on this site so I can see where the problem might be.

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